If you plan on buying a Tesla soon, make sure you are informed about vegan leather and its durability. One owner recently discovered that their car's upholstery started to disintegrate slowly. Here's why this might have happened and how you can avoid it.
Tesla is in its fair share of troubled waters right now. Inventory is increasing, and discounts are not working as intended. Meanwhile, Chinese-made units are brought to North America and Europe. That's poised to amplify the problem of cars sitting in a parking lot or on a ship. Moreover, the Cybertruck is divisive, and nobody has got their hands on a production model yet. The upcoming Model 3 successor might be launched into a confused and slowing car market, Full-Self Driving Beta keeps improving but is nowhere near the level of the software found on Cruise or Waymo robotaxis, and the company's CEO has his hands full with Twitter and political debates.

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Tesla Owners Discover That Their Vegan Seats Are Melting In The Summer Heat

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