When Tesla decided to name its car for the masses Model E, Ford said no. The company had the trademark and was willing to use it in its battery electric car (BEV) division. Tesla's only option was to name the car Model 3. When Ford decided America's charging network was not enough and asked its competitor to use the Supercharging network, Tesla said yes.
The surprising move will be discussed by Elon Musk and Jim Farley on Twitter. The CEOs will probably only praise each other and say they want to accelerate BEV adoption in the American market. Still, what really matters for Ford and Tesla drivers is that they will share all fast charging stations in the US and Canada starting in the spring of 2024 (one year from now). If Tesla owners thought that the Model 3 made it more difficult to find a stall, they would not be pleased about what waits for them when Ford vehicles start using Superchargers as well.

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Ford To Leverage Tesla Charging Network Due To Poor US Infrastructure

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