There are few things on this green earth that get up my nose further than people trying to shove their lifestyle onto others through loud media campaigns. Sure, there are some universal truths to which we should all adhere – be kind to animals, take care of yer children, and don’t anger the Managing Editor* – but loudly pushing ideals ain’t one of ‘em.
The impetus for this mini-rant is the appearance of billboards near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway bearing the phrase ‘Winners DON’T Drink Milk’ as part of an ad campaign by a non-profit organization bent on getting people to stop drinking the stuff.
According to reports from the agriculture world, a group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is jumping up and down claiming cow’s milk can increase the risk of prostate and breast cancers, among other health problems. In a letter to the president of Indy, it is asserted that there is no apparent health rationale for recommending cow’s milk over plant-based milks. Ah, there it is.

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Non Profit Group Wants To Kill Indy 500 Tradition Of Drinking Milk In Winner's Circle

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