Ask any battery electric vehicle (BEV) advocate why the world is adopting vehicles powered by battery packs, and they will tell you that it's due to climate change. The most educated ones will tell you they help keep the air around cities clean, which is a much more credible excuse. What none of them will tell you is that carmakers are turning to BEVs because of China – and that's the best explanation there is at the moment.
It would be weird to imagine that governments worldwide are imposing more restrictive rules for combustion-engined cars because China wants them to do that, right? In retrospect, it also seems weird that Germany willingly gave up on its energy security to buy gas from Russia, but that is what happened anyway. Regardless of the reason for most countries to be following a very convenient path for China, they are doing it, and that's what matters for this story.

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Who Is Really Pushing The World To EVs, Environmentalists Or China?

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