BMW now boasts two stellar electric luxury options in the form of the i7, introduced last year, and the i5, which just enjoyed its debut in Italy. Unlike other premium brands, BMW has kept the combustion-powered alternatives to these EVs looking identical, ensuring that customers get the same experience regardless of what powertrain they choose.

While this should make the transition to EVs seamless for luxury car buyers, in China, the term 'electric luxury' sounds like an oxymoron. While EV sales are growing for BMW globally, China seems to buck this trend in certain segments.
"We see interesting things happening in China," admitted Domagoj Dukec, BMW's Head of Design, in a roundtable at Villa D'Este. "We sell a lot more combustion engine 7 Series models in China than electric 7 Series."

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BMW Says Chinese Luxury Car Buyers Aren't Interested In EVs

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