Tesla prepares to start deliveries of the refreshed Model 3 by first clearing inventory of the old units. To accelerate the move, the EV maker offers up to $3,020 discounts on new Model 3 units in the US inventory. Reports from China claim that Musk has already seen the first refreshed Model 3 rolling off the production line at Giga Shanghai.
With Elon Musk's visit to China and rumors of Project Highland production starting at Giga Shanghai, everybody expected a hot announcement to be made. Some news outlets jumped the gun and quoted a Bloomberg report that claimed Tesla would reveal the refreshed Model 3 during the visit. Instead of that, Tesla China's official Weibo account shared a video from Giga Shanghai showing Musk thanking Tesla employees for their hard work, with a white wall in the background, no production line, and no refreshed Model 3.

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Tesla Clears Out Model 3 Inventory As Project Highland Looms On The Assembly Line

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