Porsche has a new crest, and it will be introduced on the sports car maker's vehicles at the end of 2023. By new, we mean slightly tweaked because changing the crest of arguably the best sports car builder in the automotive industry would be stupid. Instead of pulling a Buick, the designers of Style Porsche and the marketing department came together to modernize the iconic logo.
"The '75 years of Porsche sports cars' anniversary was the occasion for us to rework this trademark," says Michael Mauer, Vice President of Style Porsche. "With its cleaner and more state-of-the-art execution, the refined crest communicates the character of Porsche. We have reinterpreted historical characteristics and combined them with innovative design elements such as a honeycomb structure and brushed metal. The result is an aesthetically ambitious arc that bridges the history and the future of the brand."

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Porsche Has A New Logo For 75th Anniversary: Can You Spot The Changes?

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