Off-road trucks are bound to break at some point—it's a fact of life. When you're pushing parts to their limits, no matter if it's a beater Jeep or an $80,000 electric adventure pickup, it's gonna happen. That was proven by this Rivian R1T that got busted up big time on Hell's Gate in Moab last week, and even though it's a high-dollar rig, a zero-budget solution was what it took to get unstuck.
The R1T was rescued by David Hellman, owner of Moab Mall Crawlers, an off-road tour company nearby. He doesn't claim to be a recovery pro, but he just so happens to own a Chevy K30 4x4 wrecker that gets around the slick rock just fine. Hellman tells me he received a call to retrieve the Rivian after seeing it on the trails earlier that day.

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Rivian R1T Goes Up Hell's Gate But Needs A Welding Torch And Rebar To Get Back Out

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