They say you can’t buy crap for £100 ($125 USD at current exchange rates), but you may soon be able to buy a whole lot of it for that much, thanks to NCM Auctions, which is handling the sale of equipment (including a septic tank) from the Aston Martin F1 Team’s old headquarters.
The team is moving to a brand-new headquarters, and is, therefore, having a moving sale. In all, the team is auctioning off 238 lots and, I’ll be honest, a lot of it is boring industrial stuff, like air conditioners, meeting tables, filtration systems, a crescent staircase, and, of course, the septic tank. But there’s a lot of really cool stuff, too!

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Aston Martin F1 HQ Move Offers Fans A Variety Of Memorabilia - Including A Well Used Septic Tank

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