The origin of the Lexus name is a topic of interest. Initially, there were over 200 suggestions for potential names, but the exact source of the name remains uncertain. One theory suggests that it is derived from "luxury exports to the US," but the company has not confirmed this. According to Lexus, the name has roots in Greek and Latin, symbolizing elegance and language.

In terms of branding, Lexus unveiled its recognizable emblem in 1988. The logo features a stylized "L" enclosed in an oval with a steel gray finish. The color choice represents creativity, perfection, sophistication, and modernity. Interestingly, the shape of the "L" does not match the font used in the brand's full name.

The company explains that the logo was designed to reflect the smooth, aerodynamic qualities of Lexus vehicles. Its shape follows a precise mathematical formula and incorporates smooth, ovular curves. The emblem was created by Molly Designs and Hunter Communications.

While the origin of the emblem may not be particularly exciting, the story behind the Lexus name is intriguing. In 1986, New York-based brand consultancy Lippincott & Margulies, commissioned by Team One (Toyota's advertising unit for its luxury brand), was tasked with developing a suitable name. Surprisingly, "Lexus" was not the first name proposed. Initially, Lippincott & Margulies presented Toyota with a list of 219 potential names, and "Lexus" did not appear on that list. The frontrunner at the time was "Alexis," which later evolved into "Lexis" and finally became "Lexus." This name prevailed over other contenders such as Verone, Chaparel, Vectre, and Calibre.

Two main theories persist regarding the meaning of the Lexus name: that it is an acronym for "luxury exports to the US" and that it is a combination of "luxury" and "elegance." However, Team One states that the name was not intended to have a specific meaning.

Nonetheless, according to Lexus' website, the name is a combination of various root words. It incorporates "luxus" and "luxe," which mean elegance and sumptuousness in Latin and French, respectively. Additionally, it includes "lexicon," which signifies language and words in Greek. The result is a fresh, distinctive word that conveys luxury across different languages.

That is the 'official' story.

But we ask did the inspiration boil down to this ONE picture??? They DESPERATELY wanted to hammer Mercedes-Benz more than anyone else.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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