The average owner of a three-year-old EV in America drives around 9,059 miles (14,579 km) in a year, a new iSeeCars study reveals. That’s over 3,000 miles (4,828 km) or 29 percent less than the average internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle owner drives in a year.
Even the owners of the most driven three-year-old EVs on the road today drive less than the 12,758 miles (20,532 km) completed by the average owner of a three-year-old ICE vehicle. The top four EVs by average distance traveled annually are all from Tesla, with its large SUV, the Model X, topping the list at 10,378 miles (16,702 km) per year.

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Study Claims Tesla Drivers Drive More Miles Annually Than Porsche EV Owners

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