Although electric vehicles have taken huge steps toward mainstream adoption over the past few years, at least one major barrier remains. As Tesla and others work to expand their charging networks, consumers may still struggle to go electric until public charging becomes more extensive — and reliable.
A new article from The Atlantic posits that drivers will need to feel comfortable driving anywhere in the US at any time without fear of being stranded due to lack of charge, if we are to help EV adoption progress. Although the number of charging ports in the US more than doubled between 2018 and 2022 according to the Department of Energy, most networks still have a long way to go before convincing drivers that there are enough in working condition to justify long road trips.
In the article, EVSession founder Bill Ferro detailed a significant need to make chargers more reliable. Ferro’s platform EVSession lets drivers track charger reliability, drawing on experiences when unreliable chargers almost left him stranded.

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Five Years Later EV Charging Is Still The Major Drawback To Buying An EV

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