Tesla is so eager to see motorists in the UK pick up the keys to one of its new EVs that it has announced a scrappage scheme designed to encourage owners of old petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles to trade them in for credit.
Those willing to take the plunge into EV ownership can trade in their old petrol or diesel vehicle with a value of less than £2,000 ($2,482). In addition to receiving a credit for the trade-in value of the car, Tesla will provide an additional credit of £2,000 ($2,482), meaning owners could receive a value of up to £4,000 ($4,965). If an old petrol or diesel vehicle is determined to have a trade-in value of just £1,000 ($1,241), Tesla will also provide a £2,000 ($2,482) bonus.

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Tesla UK Offers Up Cash For Clunkers Program

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