After Tesla refreshed Model S and Model X this year, the Model 3 became the oldest in the lineup. Tesla is known for its "rolling release" approach to car manufacturing, constantly adding improvements and modifications throughout the production cycle. Many such changes landed in Model Y, as it adopted megacastings and a structural battery, new brakes, and even a much-improved suspension. The Model 3, on the other hand, has seen none of these modifications and is long overdue for a refresh.
This shouldn't be too far away, though, as Tesla has been testing refreshed prototypes for quite some time. Although all wore the same black cladding front and rear, not all revealed the same modifications. It took a long time to see things changing on the refreshed Model 3 body, which still looked like the original model. Then the first picture leaked, revealing the front of the car, and all the changes spotted on camouflaged prototypes started to make sense.

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