It is probably fair to assume that we've all done a little bit of speeding behind the wheel. Maybe it's a few miles per hour over the limit in a low-speed area, or perhaps something a bit more adventurous on the open highway. That comes with a risk, of course, which is getting pulled over and slapped with a big fine—but probably not as large as police in Finland recently fined one driver who was driving just 20 mph over the limit.
Last Saturday, police in Finland pulled over 76-year-old businessman Anders Wiklof for driving while doing 50 mph in a 30 mph zone (that's 82 in a 50 kph zone in local units). Doesn't sound like a huge deal, until you learn that Finland takes speeding fairly seriously. How seriously? Wiklof's ticket cost him the equivalent of $129,675 and a 10-day license suspension, according to the official report.

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Finnish Driver Fined $129,675 For Going 20 MPH Over Speed Limit

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