In California's Mono County, the average price people see when visiting the gas station is $6.33 per gallon. But it gets even worse in neighboring Alpine, where the median cost of a gallon of fuel is $6.99.
Americans living in these parts of the Golden State would be better off filling up in Madera and Tuolumne counties. That's where gas is still sold at an average of $5.3 per gallon.
To put these prices into context, Mississippians living in Yazoo and Stone counties enjoy an average gas price of $3.1 per gallon when writing. Living in California indeed has its perks, but if your garage comprises more than one fossil fuel-hungry car… Things won't look very good when budgeting the monthly expenses.
But it's not just Californians experiencing these increases. Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, and even Idaho residents are seeing increased values for regular gas. If your vehicle requires refined dinosaur juice of higher octane, you're in even more trouble because those types of fuels are costlier. On average, the price moves upward in $0.40 increments.

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Gas Tops $6 A Gallon In Some Parts Of The Country And It Will Get Worse

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