Working off the success of the gigapresses it used to make the Model Y, Tesla could push the technology even further to make the entire underbody of the Model 2 out of a single part, saving time and money. But there are still some kinks to iron out
One of Tesla’s biggest recent achievements was the Model Y, which is made using gigapresses that help reduce the complexity and cost of manufacturing. The next project for the automaker’s engineering team to push those savings further with presses that are even bigger.
By building the Model Y with fewer, larger parts, Tesla managed to make it much cheaper to produce, improving its profit margins, and earning it a price advantage as legacy automakers rush into the EV segment. Such was the impressiveness of the process, that Toyota engineers recently called the crossover a “work of art.”

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Tesla TerraPress Casting Process Opens The Door For A $25K EV

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