In Hollywood, California, a suspect accused of car theft from a Toyota dealership led police on a chaotic pursuit, culminating in his arrest on Friday morning.

The incident unfolded at approximately 11:20 p.m. on Thursday when law enforcement responded to a break-in at the Hollywood Boulevard dealership, as reported by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Given the uncertainty about the presence of additional suspects, officers exercised caution, monitoring the lone suspect. This was facilitated by the dealership's spacious glass windows, providing a clear view of the suspect's actions.

Footage obtained by Eyewitness News depicted the suspect rummaging through desks and casually navigating the premises.

Bruce Thomas, a local law enforcement expert, remarked, "With an ample presence of officers on the scene and a solitary individual inside a location with abundant windows, we find this advantageous for gathering information about the suspect."

Officers instructed the suspect to leave the dealership peacefully. However, contrary to their commands, he seized keys from a lockbox and entered a white sedan. Subsequently, video footage captured him breaching a chain-link fence within the dealership's confines before forcefully crashing through a security gate and fleeing the scene.

ABC7 sought an interview with the dealership's general manager on Friday concerning the incident, but they declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation. Nevertheless, an unnamed dealership representative expressed their belief to ABC7 off-camera that law enforcement should have taken action earlier, as they felt the delay afforded the suspect an opportunity to escape.

"I believe the strategy employed was not a well-thought-out one. It seems they were simply waiting for him to come out, which, as we can see, was not his intention. He was clearly not acting in a reasonable manner, so a plan involving less-lethal measures such as Tasers or non-lethal weapons would have been more appropriate," opined Thomas.

Despite the ensuing pursuit, officers' attempts to halt the suspect using a spike strip and a PIT maneuver were unsuccessful.

Ultimately, the suspect made his way to a Lamborghini dealership in Beverly Hills, where he was apprehended at approximately 2 a.m.

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