Tesla has added emergency rear door release functions to the Model 3 Highland, which can be used to open the back doors in case the vehicle runs out of power.
According to Model 3 owner’s manuals in countries where the Highland redesign is available, Tesla has added the manual door releases at the bottom of the rear door storage pockets. Each manual door release includes a plastic cover that should be removed in case a vehicle has no power. After removing the cover, users will see a mechanical release cable that can be pulled to open the door.
Below is what Tesla says about the rear door manual release cables, as written in the refreshed Model 3 owner’s manuals. You can find it by navigating to Opening and Closing > Doors and scrolling down:
You can open a rear door manually in the unlikely situation in which Model 3 has no power:

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Model 3 Highland Comes With A Manual Door Release If The Battery Dies

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