Where, oh where, have all of the Nurburgring crash videos gone? Years ago, YouTube was filled with crash compilations of the famous German racetrack as far as the eye can see, because who isn't intrigued by a massive 10-car racing crash? Over time, the videos have become increasingly scarce, and instead of featuring crashes, 'Nurburgring Fail' videos are mostly spins and drifts.
This isn't because amateur drivers have miraculously improved, but because the Nurburgring decided to put its foot down on the matter. More than this, it is illegal under German law to publish photos or videos of these crashes.
Racing, as much as we all love it in the automotive community, can be a contentious topic for non-car enthusiasts and governments alike. At the end of the day, there are more of them than there are of us, and when public perception turns sour, it can lead to tracks becoming more restrictive or even shutting down.

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Where Oh Where Have All Of Those Crazy Nurburgring Crash Videos Gone?

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