Some carmakers are moving away from offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, but this doesn't look like a smart move. A recent McKinsey study shows that almost half of new car buyers would not even consider a vehicle without these connectivity features.
Connectivity solutions are increasingly important for car buyers, who expect access to online streaming services, over-the-air software upgrades, and real-time navigation features in their vehicles. With few exceptions, most car owners would use smartphone integration features, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, over the factory-installed apps and services. And yet, some carmakers refuse to offer these features to their customers.
Tesla set the tone with this trend, as its EVs rely solely on in-car connectivity features. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay were never on offer and never will. Still, Tesla owners are unanimous that Tesla navigation and apps are at least as good as the smartphone features accessed through Apple and Google car interfaces. This is why most don't consider CarPlay and Android Auto a priority, although some admit it would be nice to have.

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Study Reveals 50% Of New Car Buyers Will Not Consider A Car Without Apple CarPlay

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