Videos uploaded on TikTok show the car parked in the street. The Lamborghini Huracan had its wheels removed and is sitting up on milk crates. People stop and stare and take photos of the white-painted model.
And it's not just the missing wheels the reason that it gets that much attention. The driver also got a parking ticket placed on the side window. Well, they couldn't move the car from that spot even if they wanted to. It looks like it is not going anywhere without the help of a trailer and probably a crane that would lift it up on that trailer.
There is no information except for the location of the car parked. And that is the Bronx. It is a clear message that you should not let your Lambo parked just about anywhere in the street: first, because you might end up with a parking ticket, and second, because you might get your wheels stolen. If that is the case, whoever took them is going to make a nice profit. A set of wheels for a Huracan might go as far as $10,000. And that is without the tires.

@joan_s2k How could you afford a lambo and not for a parking??‍?????? #fyp #viral #lamborghini #stolenrims #carlife ? original sound - Joan_s2k

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WATCH: Man Visits Bronx In His Lamborghini Huracan, Hours Later THIS Happens

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