The number of automakers that are following Tesla’s footsteps in the gigacasting game is increasing, with Toyota aiming to use the technology for its next generation of electric cars. Recent comments from the Japanese automaker also indicate that Toyota is learning new technologies from rivals in the auto sector. 
By adopting gigacasting technology, Toyota is looking to make a third of a car body in just a few minutes. Without gigacastings, the process would typically take hours. The use of the massive casted components is expected to help Toyota reach its goal of selling 3.5 million electric vehicles per year by the end of the decade. 
As noted in a Nikkei Asia report, high battery costs tend to make electric vehicles difficult to produce profitably. Thus, innovations such as the use of gigacastings go a long way toward making EV production optimized and profitable. Tesla has used such strategies in the production of its vehicles, and they have helped the company achieve its impressive margins. 

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Toyota Admits It Is Copying Gigacasting Technology From EV Makers

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