The Nurburgring's touristenfahrten, or tourist drives, are an automotive pilgrimage every gearhead dreams of, but sometimes, they don't go according to plan. Whether it's the pressure of the situation, cocky bravado, or sheer dumb luck, accidents happen to even the best of drivers around the Green Hell. But what happens if you're the unfortunate sod who hits the barriers in your Civic Type R or BMW M3 CS at the world's most iconic circuit?
Well, first things first, you won't have to worry about footage of your crash finding its way onto YouTube, because, as we've already discovered before, it's illegal to publish Nurburgring crash footage, with the crime carrying a sentence of up to two years in prison. But just because you've escaped that embarrassment doesn't mean you're out of the woods...

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When You Crash Your Car At Nurburgring, How Much Will It Set You Back?

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