The oldest president in the nation's history has just shattered another glass ceiling. Amid the worst inflationary crisis in 40 years, one driven in significant part by an unprecedented labor shortage, Joe Biden has become the first president to join the front lines of a labor strike, this time with the auto workers in Michigan.
The political calculus Biden believes is obvious. Four years after Hillary Clinton's historic upset in the Great Lakes State, Biden won Michigan by fewer than 160,000 votes, a slightly larger margin than Donald Trump's victory in 2016 but significantly smaller than Barack Obama's in 2012. Pressured by the same left-wing activists who have driven his regulatory agenda, Biden is betting that a public show of support for the labor unions will help shore up the Rust Belt vote crucial to clinching an Electoral College majority.

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Will Biden's Support Of The UAW Strike Help Or Hurt Him In The Polls?

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