It happened in India, where a car, which, according to some witnesses, was traveling very fast, took a wrong turn based on the directions provided by Google Maps. The driver couldn't see the road due to the heavy rain, and instead of turning left, they turned right, plunging into a river at Gothuruth.

A local noticed the vehicle, alerted his neighbors, and called the emergency teams. A few residents jumped into the water, trying to get the passengers out of the vehicle, eventually managing to save three of the five people. Two doctors drowned, and rescuers pulled their bodies out of the water in the morning.
All three survivors were rushed to the hospital and are now stable. They claim the driver turned right, following Google Maps' directions, believing he was following the correct route. He couldn't spot the river because of the lights in front of the car, which reportedly came from a temple on the other side. Due to the heavy rain, the driver couldn't see the temple's location, so the vehicle plunged into the deep water.

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Indian Doctors Perish After Plunging Into A River Following Google Maps

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