Such sad news to hear. Friends Matthew Perry was found dead today.

He was another comedic genius from Canada that found great fame in the USA.

What a great show that I'm sure most of you watched like us from 1994-2004.

And his part was iconic.

So lets take a look back at those days and remember a fixture from that timeframe and ask WHICH vehicles were you driving in THAT era?

Here's my list of daily drivers in the PRE-Auto Spies days and at the beginning in 2002.

1995 BMW 325 convertible Boston Green
1996 BMW 7-Series
1997 BMW 325 Convertible Red with saddle and removable hardtop
1997 Mercedes E-Class E320 White with tan
1998 Mercedes E430 black
1999 Mercedes S320 sedan black
2001 Mercedes 320SL convertible Green/tan
Basalt Black Porsche 911
2001 BMW M5 Silver/Black
2001 BMW 330i sapphire black
2001 Mercedes E55 Tectite/Black
2001 Chevy Tahoe Z71 White with tan.
2002 BMW M5 Black/Saddle
2002 Mercedes E55 Black/Black
2003 BMW M5 Silver/Silver Black
2003 BMW 330i convertible silver
2003 525 BMW 5-Series Wagon Sport

Let us know some of yours....and here's a nice list of HIS car collection over the years.

SAD CELEBRITY NEWS. Friends Matthew Perry DEAD At 54. WHAT Was The Ride YOU Were Driving When The Show Was At Its PEAK?

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