All European countries that I am aware of try to make sure used cars are in good condition to keep on the road. This is why they promote regular inspections, which varies from country to country. The Tesla Model 3 has just started going through these inspections in Germany, and it has already earned an unpleasant title: the vehicle with the most inspection failures among 111 other models.

The Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV, or Technical Inspection Association) needs to inspect the cars in Germany for the first time three years after they are delivered to their first owners. After that, they have to be retested every two years. According to Auto Bild, 14.7% of all evaluated Model 3 units failed the inspection. The reproach average among the 111 models that were as old as the Model 3 was 5.7%. The German magazine and TÜV have a partnership to publish the annual used car report. This year's study was based on 10,225,866 general inspections (HUs, or Hauptuntersuchung).

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Tesla Model 3 Is The Most Failed Vehicle In German TÜV Inspections

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