Automaker Stellantis has issued a recall for over 32,000 hybrid Jeep Wrangler SUVs due to a potential fire hazard. During a routine customer information review, Stellantis identified eight incidents where the hybrid Wranglers caught fire while parked and turned off, with six occurring during the charging process. Fortunately, no injuries were reported from these fires.

The recall specifically applies to 2021-2024 models of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe SUVs. Stellantis, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, has assured the safety of all other Wrangler models.

While the affected SUVs can still be driven, Stellantis advises parking them away from structures and refraining from charging until the necessary repairs are completed. The solutions may involve software resets or updates, as well as potential replacement of the vehicle's battery pack.

Stellantis intends to directly contact the owners of the affected SUVs to facilitate the necessary repairs.

THE HEAT IS ON! 32,000 Hybrid Jeep Wranglers At Risk of Fire And Require Recall!

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