The Bentley that collided with the US-Canada border crossing on Wednesday possibly experienced a mechanical failure, as stated by the mayor of Niagara. In the tragic crash, a New York couple, a 56-year-old businessman, and his wife lost their lives when their $300,000 supercar breached a fence and caught fire. Identification of the victims remains pending due to the inferno that consumed the entire wreckage.

Initial concerns of a potential terror attack arose from the crash. However, by Wednesday night, Governor Kathy Hochul assured the public it was solely a traffic incident.

Niagara Mayor Robert Restaino informed The New York Times that investigators were examining the possibility of a vehicle malfunction. The couple's 2022 Bentley Flying Spur was nearly obliterated in the collision, leaving only the engine intact.

Erin Bronner, a spokesperson for Bentley Motors' American division, mentioned that authorities had not reached out to the automaker regarding the incident, thus no information was available for disclosure.
It's believed that the couple was en route to a concert in Canada, potentially a Kiss show canceled due to a band member's illness. Before approaching the border, they briefly stopped at the Seneca Niagara casino, confirmed by a casino spokesperson, fueling speculation about a currency exchange.

Eyewitness Mike Guenther, visiting from Kitchener, Ontario, described seeing the car, traveling at high speed, careen into a fence at the crossing, launching into the air before erupting in flames.

Security camera footage released by the US Customs and Border Protection showed the car speeding from the US side, colliding with an object, airborne briefly, and crashing, igniting into flames upon impact.
Guenther observed the luxury sedan swerving uncontrollably before the crash, describing it as 'fish-tailing' due to excessive speed. He recounted the subsequent explosion and the scattered wreckage, with fire trucks arriving promptly followed by a significant police presence.

The scene was enveloped in smoke and flames, leaving Guenther skeptical of the driver's survival given the extensive damage and debris strewn across the area.

So Spies, tell us whether you are buying that idea or not.

And while we're at it, WHY haven't they named the people in the car? Not a CHANCE on earth they don't know.


UNINTENDED ACCELERATION? Officials Saying Bentley That Crashed On Rainbow Bridge MAY Have Had A Mechanical Failure. Are YOU Buying It?

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