I saw this posted on the socials of a real-world legacy auto based EV experience (2024 Model) yesterday on Thanksgiving.

"Currently stuck in Lebanon IN at a level 2 charger (5.6 kW) in a hospital parking lot trying to add 10 miles of range just to get to my parents house. We currently have 38 miles and 34 highway miles to go. Not willing to risk It. We did stop in Lafayette at an Electrify America charger, but all of the chargers were either broken or taken, and the vehicles charging were at 20%. At that point we had about 90 miles of range and like 70 miles to go. We decided to try and risk it, and failed. Tried different approaches for a few miles, and it wasn’t working. So here we are. Wonder if the cafeteria is open?"

After reading it, I couldn't think of anything else other than this family is NOT alone this holiday season.

Traveling long distances is a hassle in an EV but especially even in the NEWEST. legacy products.

So we ask, how many people this holiday season do you think are dealing with this and SOURING for good on EV's?

CHARGELESS BLACK FRIDAY. How Many Legacy Auto EV Owners Do You Think Will Experience These Issues Over The Holidays?

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