Tesla's "no flipping" policy for its Cybertruck, aiming to prevent buyers from reselling their vehicles for a profit before taking delivery, raises speculation about the potential fallout among deposit holders. While the policy intends to deter speculative activities and maintain fair distribution, its enforcement might trigger varied responses.

Predicting the number of deposit holders likely to bail due to this policy is complex. Some enthusiasts deeply committed to owning the Cybertruck may begrudgingly accept the terms, prioritizing their desire for the innovative vehicle over potential resale profits. However, a segment of investors and speculators, drawn by the initial buzz and potential resale value, might reconsider their commitment, impacting Tesla's deposit figures.
The exact proportion of deposit holders expected to bail remains uncertain, contingent on factors such as market sentiment, the perceived impact on resale value, and individual priorities. Tesla's communication, potential alternatives, and how strictly the policy is enforced will significantly influence the extent of customer retention amidst this polarizing decision.

If it were us, we’d back off that move. We think a TON of deposit holders will head for the exits it they do.

And we hear they’ve quietly removed it from the fine print.

YOU PREDICT! Tell us SPIES, what percentage of deposit holders will BAIL if they mandate and enforce the no flip? 80%? 50%? 25%?

Special thanks to Agent 00R, NOW a MARRIED man, since last Saturday for the article idea. First came the engagement ring, then came the wedding ring, and NOW, comes the SUFFERING! KIDDING! Or ARE we?

YOU PREDICT! IF, Tesla MANDATES And ENFORCES Its NO FLIPPING Policy On The Cybertruck, How Many Deposit Holders Will BAIL?

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