A Kia owner from Washington State was so fed up with his Sportage that he returned it to the dealership and walked back home. His frustration with the SUV stemmed from experiencing four different theft incidents over the past two years, all inspired by the infamous “Kia Boyz” social media trend.

Behrouz Alimoradi claims he spent thousands of dollars on repairing his previous-gen Sportage, which has repeatedly fallen victim to theft and vandalism, mirroring issues faced by many other Kia and Hyundai vehicle owners. The most recent incident occurred last Monday when his Sportage was stolen once more. Although the SUV was recovered by the police, another individual subsequently smashed its windows while it was parked in Alimoradi’s driveway.

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Owner Gives Up On New Kia Sportage After 4 Theft Attempts - Walks Home From Dealership

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