We need more cheap EVs. That’s not just a matter of opinion; for EV adoption to work people have to be able to afford to buy them. Some automakers are coming around to selling cheaper EVs. Volvo is promising a starting price under $40,000 with its coming EX30, Kia plans two new affordable EVs — hopefully sooner rather than later — and now Fiat is coming back to the market with a new 500e that’ll be priced under $35,000.

CarsDirect reports that an order guide shows the 2024 Fiat 500e will have an MSRP of just $32,500 (before destination), making it one of the cheapest new EVs on the market. That price is notable for a couple of reasons.

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2024 Fiat 500e Will Be One Of the Least Expensive EVs On The Market

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