Tesla released some of the technical details of the Cybertruck, which many reservation holders found utterly disappointing. However, omitted from Elon Musk's presentation, the range extender marks what could be Tesla's biggest failure: the 4680 cells are still nowhere near their promised potential.

Tesla waited until the Delivery Day to announce Cybertruck specifications, and now we know why. The presentation was light in detail, with Elon Musk omitting everything inconvenient. And that was a lot, considering that the Cybertruck fell short of expectations in many areas. These include pricing, payload, towing capacity, range, and, most notably, features.

Musk said nothing about Cybertruck pricing and only highlighted select specifications. For instance, Musk emphasized Cybertruck's pulling capacity, comparing it with a Ford F-350 truck. Nevertheless, with an 11,000-lb towing capacity, the Cybertruck fell short of the 14,000-lb advertised ability when the Cybertruck launched in 2019. The 2,500-lb payload is also lower than the 3,500-lb announced in 2019. Finally, prices are between 43% and 60% higher than those announced at launch.

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Telsa's Cybertruck Falls Short Of Almost All Promises - Are You Cancelling Your Reservation?

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