Toyota will launch the second of its bZ-branded all-electric models next year – a new small SUV that’s set to rival the Volvo EX30 – and this show car gives us a solid preview of how it will look.

The Toyota Small Urban SUV Concept was revealed at the brand’s annual Kenshiki Forum held in Brussels, and next year’s production model is expected to stay true to the concept’s design.

Although the Small Urban SUV measures around 4,900mm in length, the actual car is expected to be closer to the Yaris Cross and Volvo EX30 in size, at around 4,200mm long. “The proportions of the concept are correct, but the dimensions are not,” Toyota’s Andrea Carlucci, vice president of product strategy and marketing, told us.

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Toyota To Challenge the Volvo EX30 With New Urban SUV

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