Toyota has confirmed it is studying the feasibility of hydrogen-fuelled, combustion-engined performance cars within its GR division. At the same time, its engineers are also working on new pure-electric, battery-powered models to wear the GR (for Gazoo Racing) name, as part of Toyota’s ‘multi-pathway’ approach to future power sources.

Speaking during Toyota’s annual Kenshiki forum event, held in Brussels, GR company manager for vehicles Masahito Watanabe told evo:

‘We still think that the internal combustion engine still has some potential. Of course we will be trying to comply with all the applicable laws according to the regions in each country but we don't want to give up just yet; because if you consider the internal combustion engine, there's still hydrogen combustion that can be part of the zero-emission part of [a company’s powertrain] line-up. So I think there's going to still [be a chance to] continue [with combustion-engined road cars].’

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Toyota's GR Division Hasn't Given Up On ICE Powered Sportscars In An EV World

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