European automakers have secured less than a fifth of the cobalt, lithium, and nickel they’ll need to meet targets by 2030, according to a new analysis by Transport & Environment (T&E). Exceptions are Tesla and China’s BYD, but Tesla (and certainly BYD) falls a bit short on responsible practices compared to other automakers.

In the race to procure key battery metals, European automakers have secured only 16% of the key metals they’ll need to meet their sales goals by 2030, according to T&E, a campaign organization based in Brussels. Volkswagen and Stellantis are making some headway in this regard, but the rest of the lot is “far behind,” according to a press announcement. The European Union is set to ban the sale of new ICE vehicles in 2035.

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EU Automakers Have Secured Less Than 20% Of The Battery Materials They Need By 2030 Deadline

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