The climate summit was a spectacle that might make you feel queasy: Kamala Harris and John Kerry each flew on their separate jets to attend. This gathering was hosted in Dubai, where they air condition the desert. All this amidst the net zero goals they champion.

John Kerry, President Biden's 'special presidential envoy for climate' and the leader of the American COP28 delegation, stuck to his reputation by reportedly arriving on a private plane, emitting a hefty amount of carbon into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris, our struggling vice president, found it necessary to use Air Force Two to attend, adding to the greenhouse gases released for this extravagant event. Couldn't they have considered carpooling?

And yes, COP28 took place in Dubai. No disrespect intended toward the United Arab Emirates or its splendid city. The UAE showed early initiative in the 2020 Abraham Accords and has maintained a more measured response during the Gaza conflict compared to other Arab states.

The 28th United Nations climate change conference, however, appeared to be crumbling faster than an Arctic iceberg. Amongst the attendees were Kamala Harris and John Kerry, photographed amidst the lavishness of Dubai upon their arrival on separate planes.

Climate Summit Hypocrisy: Kamala Harris and John Kerry Fly In SEPARATE Jets To DUBAI'S Lavish COP28 Affair. Could These People Be ANY MORE TONE DEAF?

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