One eagle-eyed Redditor happened to notice that the race was held at the now-closed Sacramento Raceway. When comparing the stills from Tesla’s footage, it can be seen that the Cybertruck and Porsche were set up to race across the first set of thick lines painted on the track, which are placed at the eighth-mile marker alongside the grandstands. (Those are not present at the quarter-mile markings on the track.) Yet during the press conference, even Tesla CEO Elon Musk was adamant that it was a proper quarter-mile drag.

There’s no denying that the Cybertruck will be quick to 60, or in a straight line from a dig. Hell, it even appears to have some pretty decent towing advantages thanks to its all-electric torque. But whether it is faster than a Porsche 911 in a quarter-mile race, while towing another 911, remains unclear.

What's YOUR call Spies? Was it RIGGED or is there MORE to this story?

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WAS IT RIGGED? Cybertruck Drag Against 911 Being Questioned. What's YOUR CALL?

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