The delay in installing electric vehicle chargers, despite the allocated $7.5 billion from Congress in 2021, has sparked criticisms regarding President Joe Biden's adherence to his campaign promises regarding infrastructure development. Biden had campaigned on an ambitious agenda, vowing to rapidly expand EV infrastructure to promote sustainability and combat climate change. However, the absence of installed chargers, two years after the funding allocation, raises concerns about the administration's ability to deliver on these commitments.

The delay not only highlights the challenges inherent in infrastructure projects but also fuels skepticism among citizens regarding the fulfillment of campaign pledges. Addressing these concerns becomes crucial not only for the credibility of the administration but also for meeting the pressing needs of transitioning towards a more sustainable transportation system.

To regain trust and uphold campaign assurances, at this point what can Biden do?

They say 2024 is the year but they have been saying every year is the year since the campaign of 2020.

WHAT GIVES? Congress Gave Joe Biden $7.5 Billion For Electric Vehicle Chargers – Two Years Later ONLY ONE Charger Has Been Installed

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