Ford Mustangs have made a solid name for themselves for developing a mind of their own under heavy acceleration. The internet is full of videos that show different generations of the Blue Oval’s muscle car being crashed in all sorts of scenarios.

Most of the time, it's during the occasional power sliding after leaving a car meet, with the driver wanting to show off their skills in front of the car-spotting crowd, and their rides end up hitting all kinds of solid objects (or worse) a few seconds later.

We've come across several videos showing the popular model getting an instant facelift at the drag strip, too, including one that we covered earlier today while rubbing shoulders with a Chevy Corvette. Fortunately, most of the time, no one suffers in these accidents other than the owner's bank account, and it was the same for the person whose name is written on the dotted line on the papers of this black example.

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WATCH: Mustang Owner Finds A New Way To Destroy His Car At A Meetup

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