BMW introduced iDrive on a production car with the 7 Series (E65/E66) back in 2001. However, we remember first seeing the multimedia controller in 1999 on the Z9 concept. There was an even older car with an early version of the system as the ZBF prototype had it in 1996. The iDrive has gone through multiple iterations since its launch over two decades ago, reaching the 8.5 version for the bigger, RWD-based models.

Some of the compact cars are transitioning to iDrive 9.0 but models such as the X1, X2, and 2 Series Active Tourer no longer have the actual iDrive knob. Next year’s 1 Series hatchback and 2 Series Gran Coupe will lose it as well. This is a sign of things to come because the Neue Klasse models arriving from 2025 will also do away with the signature BMW controller. The announcement was made by Head of R&D Frank Weber this week in Silicon Valley where BMW Group Technology Office USA celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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BMW Neue Klasse Models Will Not Come With iDrive Controller

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