After Tesla launched the updated Model 3 in North America last month, people expected the Model Y refresh to follow shortly. However, Tesla confirmed in a letter to its sales advisors that the Model Y "Juniper" will not launch in North America this year. This doesn't exclude being launched in Europe and Asia, though, as rumored before.

Tesla updated the Model 3 with a fresh design and new technologies, impressing many people who expected only minor changes, similar to the Model S/X refresh. After the new Model 3 started sales in Asia and Europe last September, many expected the sister model to get similar upgrades much faster. The revamped Model Y, known internally as Project Juniper, was rumored to start production by the end of the year. This risks cannibalizing the current model, as more people want to postpone a purchase to get the latest and greatest.

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Tesla's Model Y Juniper Will Not Be Available In The US This Year

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