A 42-year-old Tesla driver, who at first denied having killed a woman with his Tesla in a hit-and-run, is now claiming that he can't remember if he ran her down or not. If he did, he says, he must've been on Autopilot and "checking work emails" while doing so.

It's a bizarre defense strategy that highlights the many glaring gaps in the legal frameworks when it comes to driver assistance software and how these features, despite their considerable limitations, are being used to avoid blame.

As Minnesota newspaper the Star Tribune reports, a late January affidavit revealed that the driver's cellphone was near Lake Mille Lacs, north of Minneapolis, when a car fatally struck 56-year-old Cathy Ann Donovan, who was walking her dog along a nearby highway in November, before fleeing the scene.

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SAY WHAT? Driver Argues That They Didn't Know They KILLED Someone Because Their Car Was On AUTOPILOT And They Were DOING EMAILS!

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