For a nameplate that is not made by an indigenous American carmaker, the Toyota Tacoma is handling itself very well. In fact, the vehicle ended 2023 as the number 1 small pickup on the U.S. market for the 19th consecutive year, selling over 230,000 examples, far ahead of runner-up Chevrolet Colorado (almost 90,000 units).
But, as the famous Spiderman quote says, with great power comes great responsibility, so every single issue that surfaces with these trucks can't be overlooked by the carmaker. Not even things that seem as trivial as welding debris.
In an undisclosed fashion, Toyota seems to have discovered that someone didn't do their jobs properly during the assembly process of a huge number of Tacoma trucks. In a nutshell, they forgot to clean up the welding debris on the ends of the rear axle assembly.

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Toyota Recalls 381,000 Tacoma Pickups For Rear Axles That Somehow Fall Off

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