It hurts to say this as a plug-in hybrid owner actively looking to embrace zero-emission mobility fully, but do not buy an all-electric vehicle if you don't have the means to charge at home overnight, at work during office hours, or for free at DC dispensers. The numbers do not lie.
Tesla actively fought the conservative automotive industry and won. It brought forward a different drivetrain, a new cabin design philosophy, better software, and a simplified sales model. It even made the right investment in a high-power charging network ahead of everybody else.
Many people learned to love the disruptor's proposition, even though it didn't gain a reputation for build quality. After 12 years since the first-gen Model S debuted, all that effort culminated in the Tesla Model Y becoming the world's best-selling car in 2023. The EV maker won – for now, at least.

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Mainstream Media Finally Does The Math: DON'T Buy An EV If You Can't Charge At Home Or Work For Free

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