The Cybertruck is the most exciting product Tesla released in years, and the hype is still sky-high. However, as the excitement waned, early adopters noticed that the electric pickup was far from perfect. From missing features to software issues and even mechanical problems, the Cybertruck hides many surprises. And that is not even considering the build quality problems that many complained about.
The first Cybertruck owners paid over $100,000 for what Tesla called the "Foundation Series," an all-inclusive variant that many say is worth the premium. However, Tesla's most complex product to date might suffer from teething problems not expected from a luxury vehicle. Many suggested that the Cybertruck's build quality was not up to the best in the industry, citing misaligned body panels, loose parts, rattles, and squeaks that are not expected from a $100K vehicle.

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Cybertruck Owners Want To Know Where All These Missing Features Are

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