Earlier this week, a car auction broke all popularity records, ending with a Tesla Cybertruck selling for $244K to a Porsche dealer. We now have more info about who sold the truck and why. However, the more interesting part is that Ford also bought a Cybertruck for a similar amount, and it's testing it at its proving grounds near Detroit.
Despite some discrepancies between what Tesla promised and what was delivered, the Tesla Cybertruck is still the most revolutionary car model the auto industry ever built. This made it a guaranteed target of economic espionage, with many carmakers wanting to dissect it and extract useful information from it. However, getting hold of a Cybertruck was difficult, considering that Tesla's no-resale clause prohibits owners from flipping the truck.

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Ford Shells Out $250,000 For A Tesla Cybertruck To Benchmark Against F-150 Lightning

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