The Fast Lane took delivery of a brand-new Tacoma on February 2. With merely 3,569 miles (5,744 kilometers) on the clock, the 2024 model year TRD Off-Road in question experienced a 4WD issue while off-roading in sub-zero weather.
Following a loud pop, the mid-size pickup lost drive to the front wheels. Roman Mica and Andre Smirnov couldn't find anything leaking or hanging from under their Tacoma TRD Off-Road. The drive shaft connecting the transfer case to the front wheels appeared to be fine as well.
4WD system-related warning lights didn't show up on the instrument cluster either, so what actually happened? Unfortunately, the answer will come at a later date. Andre and Roman will first put the truck on their lift to take a proper look under it. They also intend to put it on the rollers to figure out what's spinning and what's not. For an off-road-oriented pickup truck with so few miles to its name, this failure is all the more worrying.


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WATCH: Brand New 2024 Tacoma Fails At First Off Road Outing With Only 3,500 Miles On It

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